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kumquats - a salad recipe

Kumquats are in season! But what do you do with the little beggers? They were one of those funny little fruits that the Phactor had never actually figured out what they were good for until the Phactor happened upon a book of recipes that use uncommon fruits and vegetables, but then it sits around for a year or so until you actually sit down only to find a kumquat recipe: broccoli salad with kumquats and olives. So here you go. Cut up a 1 lb bunch of broccoli in the usual manner and steam lightly until just tender, then rinse in cold water, and let come to room temp. Blanch 10 kumquats in boiling water for 15 seconds. Put in cold water. Slice 6 cross-wise thinly. Quarter the other 4 removing the seeds. Lightly saute a tsp of minced garlic in 3 tbsp of olive oil. In a food processor combine 2 tbsp of lemon juice, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp salt, a decent grind of pepper, the quartered kumquats, the oil, and garlic, and liquify to make a dressing. Toss broccoli & kumquats with dressing, and allow to set an hour or so, adjust seasoning to taste, add 8-10 cured black olives, pitted, and quartered. Enjoy! Oh, and don't over saute the garlic or Mrs. Phactor will give you grief about being careful the next time.

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