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Darwin Day Planning

Every year the Phactor hosts a little birthday party for Charles Darwin, but this year Feb. 12th falls on a Sunday.  Since my Mondays and Tuesdays are just impossible, and Wednesdays are for catching up things ignored the previous two days, the celebration will have to be on Thursday Feb. 16th.  Charles probably won't mind.  All the majors and anyone else who happens by can get some birthday cake and have a look at Darwin's publications, at least the 10 books from my library.  Last year a local supermarket employee in the bakery didn't want to decorate a Darwin cake, an unusual source for censorship it seemed.  While not necessarily more open-minded, the store manager wasn't about to turn away business, and a regular customer, over a birthday cake.  Maybe this year the celebration will get picketed by a campus religious group to  really help draw attention and get more visitors than ever.  The Phactor will offer them all cake, but they may have to be careful because of biological transubstantiation!  Yes, if it works for them, then it can work for us.  Eating Darwin cake will enhance your scientific thinking, especially the big frosting flowers.


Carol Steel said...

I really enjoy the wicked way your mind works. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Steve said...! Too funny. I don't think you need to be non-religious, or believe in Darwinism to understand that, despite the controversy surround Darwin "this" or "creation" that, Charles quite literally changed the way we look at things. So, we honor in him for that.

Speaking of "changing the world" my team and I are actually working on a Botany/Horticulture/Environmental Technology project over at to help people around the world – those “less versed” in botany, gardening and horticulture – learn more, in an interactive way, about the wonderful plant and tree life that surrounds us daily. Most know so very little about these things and our goal is to educate so that through awareness, and maybe a little increased knowledge, we can help to save plant and tree species that so desperately need our attention.

Thanks for you posts and I look forward to see more of them as you write them.