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Teach the controversy column?

Jay Mathews column the other day at the WashPo seemed to be promoting the idea that it would be a good educational idea to teach the controversy, to teach evolution and some form of creationism or intelligent design, so that students could make up their own minds. It's so annoying, annoying enough that the Phactor sent him an email saying, in part: Please, not teach the controversy again. There is no scientific controversy because to be a scientific theory, an explanation, it has to be useful, able to be used to do science. Creationism & ID aren't just wrong; they're useless making no predictions. And gave him the link to the statement on evolution from the Botanical Society of America. And he responds: thanks, but column doesnt say teach the controversy. It says teach the scientific method.---jay. So I re-read his column, and it still sounds like he thinks Santorum's idea to teach the controversy is a good one. Have a look, see what you think.


Unknown said...

The place to teach the "controversy" is in a philosophy class not a science class.

deer antler spray said...

All of us can learn something. We are just forgetting the real substance of the context.