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new semester + new course = unprepared

Uh-oh! Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed your way! In 8 days, a class of bright, eager, faces will be wanting to learn some botany, and all that other course stuff like a syllabus, grading, a lecture/lab schedule, and the like. This is not usually a problem, but in an effort to help a colleague and help the department provide the best array of courses, the Phactor got talked, nudged, cajoled, blackmailed, into teaching a new course - basic plant biology. How could this be a problem? Well, let's see when was the last time the Phactor taught general botany? Hmmm,let's think. OMG, 25 years ago!? Yikes! So now to come up with 40 some odd new lectures and a dozen or so new labs. To demonstrate his desperation the Phactor actually looked to see if any of the end-of-the-world predictions might bail him out. But no, May 27th is too late; that's nearly 3 weeks after finals. But what was that? You find new material in the funniest places. Plants were created in heaven and just transported to the garden of Eden! Well, let's grab that link and work it into a lecture. That doesn't explain a lot of things, actually it explains nothing, but when you're desperate, you do desperate things. So, first off, plants are not uniformly green; all the green is in itty-bitty green things that without a microscope you cannot resolve as individual points of green. It's a start.
Image from Botany Blogs.

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Kraneia said...

I actually took botany as an elective in high school, that was longer ago than I care to admit. I guess the trick is to keep it fun (something it doesn't sound like you have too much trouble with). Like, watching videos on the Venus Fly Trap and the instructor going SMACK on his desk whenever the plant snapped shut on something (scared the bejesus out of us)

One of the biology instructors up at the college here likes to take his students outside and have them draw cell diagrams (and individual cell parts) on the sidewalk with colored chalk. Smart AND arty!

Good luck with the new class, you sound like you'd be a lot of fun to learn from ;)