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Evolution - It's not a belief

Some sort of religious conference for kids was taking place on our campus, something about how to be a good Lutheran as best could be determined based on t-shirt logos. While grabbing a bite of lunch in the student center some of the adult conference attenders asked if the Phactor was a faculty member? Yes. What does the Phactor teach? Economic botany, evolution of plants, and plant identification. Oh. We don't believe in evolution. Then the Phactor recommends that if your children wish to attend college they find a nice little religious school with a curriculum straight from the middle ages. But actually you need to know that the Phactor does not believe in evolution either. You see, belief is an act of faith, and evolution isn't a matter of faith. It exists, the evidence abounds, we use evolution to do science, to understand plants, animals, and yes, even disease organisms, and in that regard there is no alternative at all. So once you know something, instead of engaging in willful ignorance, which is the denial of something you know nothing about, you need not take evolution on faith, and when an expert tells you something, you might consider for a few moments that they just might know what they are talking about. Have a nice day ladies.


Unknown said...

Well said.

Larissa said...

you totally pwned those lutherans.

Ginny Burton said...

Martin Luther has a lot to answer for. Luther Burbank, on the other hand, is someone I'm glad to follow.