Field of Science

Blue sky alert! Blue something alert!

Not a cloud in the sky this AM which figures because today the Phactor departs of Melbourne. Several activities got rained out, but over by Darling Harbour, or actually partially in the harbour, is Sydney's sea aquarium, which features indigenous aquatic fauna, but by any standards this is a wonderful aquarium for a dry afternoon. The sky isn't the only thing blue. This is not one of the more exotic or unusal creatures, but still a favorite, and you are thinking, it's just a crayfish. Wrong. Over here a "cray" is a large lobster like marine crustacean. This is a fresh water crustacean called the eastern blue yabbie. Cute! But if it's so cute, then why is it named Cherax destructor? Apparently it's burrows destroy earthen dams critical to holding rain water for live stock. So until the Phactor can get some plant pictures out of his camera and onto his PC, you'll have to make do with this, but it's a promise, some good flora from Oz is on the way.

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