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Cruel & unusual punishment

Went to a July art festival on Saturday. Quite nice, but of course, hot. But that's not what is cruel & unusual punishment, it's those people who think that their dogs, or their little kids, and even babies would benefit by the cultural experience and bring them along to do nothing but suffer. Do they have no sense at all? And let's not forget the crowds, the throngs of big people through which the dogs, little people, tiny people, and the heel-killing strollers must maneuver. It was close to unbearable for those of us who are tough old field biologists, there looking at art of our own free-will and volition. Dogs are just stupid about wanting to go places, and unfortunately people are just as stupid about appropriate and inappropriate places to take their bloody dogs. There's simply no excuse for the mistreatment of really little kids, and their general misery, usually communicated verbally, so adds to the experience for the rest of us. So the Phactor is not impressed at all with your commitment to either parenting or pets. Same people are probably looking for something to match their couch.

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