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Stormy Weather - Haboob

This will make you feel better about your weather. Here's a cool picture of a haboob, an intense dust storm. Now this is (A) a clip from the movie the Mummy, (B) a clip from the movie Star Gate, or (C) Phoenix Arizona getting swallowed by a haboob. C is of course the correct answer, although haboobs were featured in both of the movies. This is something the Phactor has never seen, although a snowy version of the phenomenon he has seen. Think maybe things are a bit dry in the southwestern USA? Similar dust storms ravaged the southern great plains back in the dust bowl days. So when you see something like this coming, close your windows.


Jenn said...

It was a freaky storm, that's for sure. I felt like I was on the Lawrence of Arabia set as I peered out into my backyard! Weird weather, the haboob.

CelticRose said...

Meh, we get these dust storms every year. (I live in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix.) This one is only making the news because it was a little larger than normal.

The dust storms used to be this big all the time, but due to urban sprawl there's not as much dust for them to pick up these days. This one travelled a long distance over open desert and was able to get big.