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In a carefully orchestrated conspiracy, all trans-Pacific flight begin late at night. Nominally the idea is to arrive early in the day at your destination with the whole day in front of you, which works time-wise, but seems to have left an important biological component out of the equation, the traveler. There you are, newly arrived in a foreign country with the whole day ahead of you, and you are a jet-lagged, sleep-deprived zombie about 6 hrs to early to occupy your hotel room because they have yet to purge their previous night's guest, so you don't get to shower or change clothes in a futile effort to look human. The actual door to door trip took 33 hrs, and now some 10 hrs beyond that, fatigue is beginning to become an issue. But if you cave in too soon, you never will get into sync with the local time. Unfortunately, the weather here is wet and cold, quite atypical based upon all of our previous visits, so that hasn't helped the situation. A nice local amber ale has helped. But in the grand scale of things, this was a trouble free, incident free trip and everyone arrived in better shape than expected. Hotel is situated quite centrally, and the F1 is quite excited about the proximity of Chinatown and its many eateries. Asian presence in Sydney has continued to increase with each visit since the Phactor first visited 30 years and five international botanical congresses ago. Decent coffee is now common here, very different than the near ubiquitous instant coffee situation 3 decades ago, and fortunately coffee shops have gotten on board with free wifi, so it costs less than an internet connection in my room, and comes with a decent cup of coffee.

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