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Valentine's day advice for garden lovers

Words of love, so soft and tender
Won't win a girls heart anymore
If you love her then you must send her
Some plant that she's never seen before.

These are the song's lyrics as best TPP can remember them. Mrs. Phactor is just so darned hard to buy for, the result of decades of having been spoiled by yours truly. Fortunately the Italian garden seed catalog showed up, something Mrs. Phactor,  requested, so clearly a hint, right? Sounds like a packet of zucchini striato pugliese seeds might be just the thing.  Wonder if they come chocolate coated?  Actually she has seen this plant, at least in the markets, and she loves them (at the flower bud stage they make the best soufflé ever). At any rate, take a tip, listen to your Mama (and Papa), and get your sweetie some nice Italian garden seeds, or the free catalog, how can you go wrong? Remember low expectations are everything in gifting (a Red Green proverb for certain).


William M. Connolley said...

> Some plant that she's never been before

Are you calling her a vegetable ;-?

The Phytophactor said...

Some plant that she's never seen before. Yikes, it was only one letter off, but it was an important one!