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Garden Flowering Log 2016

TPP has been trying to get his garden flowering log database straightened out (data up to date, removal of those what died, names corrected, duplications eliminated, etc.).  So this late February balmy weather (highs in the 60s F) is a bit too much too soon. But not much you can do, but to trot out to the back of the gardens with the camera and record the first blooms of the 2016 gardening season, to make yourself a margarita, and to write a blog about it. From a distanced these rusty red flowers cloaking this witch hazel shrub ('Diane') are not all that gaudy, but up close they are quite nice. A moment after this image was taken a pollinator (actually 2) showed up, a syrphid fly with the yellow & black bee/hornet mimicking abdomen and a regular house fly of some sort. Some other flowering may follow shortly: a green bear paw hellebore, snowdrops, squill, Guess someone should get that danged flowering log done, or drink another margarita. The voting will be brief.

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