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Nope! Nope! Nope!

The GnOPe (the G is silent as in Gneo-con) continues to demonstrate that it has no platform, no ideas, no agenda, except obstruct Obama.  TPP has long known this because of the growing influence of Gneocons. Now they have changed the definition of lame-duck, the period from the election of a successor to the end of the term, to oppose any action the president might make in the 4th year of a 4 year term. Never thought anyone could make Rubitinio look good, but T-rump is doing a good job. 
The dismaying thing is to see how effective the rhetoric of fear has been in influencing a not very sophisticated public. Now Lincolnland's GnOPe senator is running a campaign ad that suggests his opponent, a disabled veteran has no regard for the security of our state or our country because he's scared of refugees. It's not just sad, it's disrespectful of a veteran who put it on the line to protect this country. It's a sorry state of affairs, promoted by the easily scared. 

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