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In defense of short people - especially pedestrians

A truck hits a pedestrian crossing a street in a designated crossing and no charges are pressed against the driver because the pedestrian was -wait for it - too short! That's right.  Well, this did happen in NYC, but still.  Apparently the DA determined that the truck's design made short pedestrians too hard to see.  What? That's not the pedestrian's fault.  The driver has a poorly designed truck for city driving.  Even on the open highway you get the idea that truckers seldom act like they see any other vehicle smaller than an Army tank.  So with all these motion sensors and camera systems get the damned trucks fixed to make pedestrians safe. And guess what all people start out short, so are kids at some special risk? For too long trucks have been too poorly designed especially for city driving. Pedestrians and bicyclists abound in cities, so the market for good safe trucks should be decent. But with Randy Newman's song playing in the back ground NYC is going about safety all wrong, by putting short people at risk.  Is 5'6" safe?  5' 7"? What is the minimum safe height for pedestrians? Do short people have to carry balloons, flags, or signs over their heads while walking?  Are cross walks going to have a post labeled "you must be at least this tall to safely walk across here"?   

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Mrz. Phactor said...

This is why Japanese tourists walk behind someone with an umbrella.