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Iowa Crocuses

TPP tries to stay abreast of current events, but often still feels out of it.  So he must admit his confusion with all the talk of and commotion about Crocuses in Iowa. There is nothing of note to say about the Crocuses of Iowa.  They are all native to the old world, and all this talk about winning crocus and losing their crocus makes you think Iowa has a gardening problem, one that only pops up every 4 years or so because otherwise you never hear about Iowa or their crocus. It seems too early in the season for the Iowa crocuses to be of any value especially elsewhere. And you would think everyone would be more upbeat as crocus bring such cheer to the spring.  But one thing is painfully clear, our country would be in better shape if more of our potential leaders had such an interest in native perennial gardening, and less interested in cultivating, what is it again, all American selections?  Something like that. As the season progresses, TPP will endeavor to keep you informed of the blooming process.


The Phytophactor said...

A correspondent has suggested the crocuses grow well in Iowa because of all the B.S. being spread around.

conventional knockout said...

More and more serious pollution, less and less crocuses in the pond.