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Ducking out the back way

Our visit to Whistler ended today, and it was a bit complicated because no one told us about the Vancouver to Whistler bike race today, or what that might mean for people who wanted to got the other direction! Mountain and ocean views are wonderful, but traffic jams suck. So a new plan was devised, exit Whistler to the north, via Pemberton! The drive east up over the mountains was wonderfully scenic, except for the Yellow Arrow bus leading the way. The route is typical of low volume mountain roads, lots of tight turns, up and down, twisting and turning, from the pass following the Duffy Lake road down to the Fraser River valley, then more or less south, twisting and turning along river vallley route. It was very scenic and a fun drive, except for a bit of car sickness from one who doesn't take well to the previous mountain road features. This was not a route for people in a hurry, and it took a couple of hours longer than the regular route being used by the bike race, but driving in the rural Canadian mountains was much better than sitting in a traffic jam. Why waste a couple of hours watching people pedal uphill?  Oh, the day before our bicycle ride was taken on standard person-powered machines so nothing interesting to report on e-bicycles, other than standard bikes will never get TPP to give up his BikeE. Drat. Border crossing took 45 mins. with the usual snotty border agent attitude treating his bosses, citizens of the USA, badly. Grilled a salmon for din-dins.

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