Field of Science

Toto, I don't think we're in Lincolnland any more.

Uh oh! Something suggests that this isn't Lincolnland any more!  What are the clues?  Well, there's spruce and arbor vitae trees every where. There's mountains and unless TPP is mistaken, that's snow up there! Dang! If the F1 reads this, the temperature right now is probably 30 F lower than in Lincolnland. OK, another sip of that cocktail has helped clear TPP's analytical skills. The trusty blogging laptop further suggests that not only is this not the upper midwest, but it's a lot further west and a lot higher in altitude. Actually some friends have abducted us to a place north of the border and landed us in a humble place called Whistler, British Columbia. So more to come as the Phactors discover this what this particular place has to offer this time of year. So far there's a lot of spandex and nylon, so how the Phactors will fit in remains quite unknown. Oh, TPP has been informed that this is something called a vacation, and this comes without any explanation of its relevance to a retired academic.

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