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If at first you don't succeed, put it all back they way it was and keep lumbering along

TPP was an early user of the internet back in the day when you had to know ftp and all sorts of funky stuff like baud. Initially dial up connections operated at 300 baud.  Can you believe that? No? That's because you don't know what baud is. That was way back before the www came along to make it nice and easy. However this author is not a techie; things just have to work, even it a bit clunky. Good old Blogger is really pretty clunky and it's gotten strange about uploading images although TPP has a work around. Clunky, sure, but it does work. One problem is that this blog is associated with an ancient email address that TPP has never actually used except for logging in, and who can remember a password, especially an ancient one written in cuneiform and seldom used. So you know, it was bothersome, but in the attempt to change this TPP ended up locked out. Yikes! The withdrawal symptoms began to become manifest right away, and this came at a bad time when some travel was planned. So you fall back upon one of the oldest computer maxims of all, if you can't get it to work with the new changes, put it all back the way it was and keep clunking along.

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