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Dear Flat-landers

Hello, flat-landers. TPP here in British Columbia, Whistler to be exact. The weather has taken a turn to the sunny side, and right now it's hard to say how much sunshine, clear air, alpine hiking, and mountains a man (or woman) can take. It has been quite awhile since the Phactors were hiking in a high alpine zone, and then it was the Swiss Alps. There are a lot of handsome views, including this one, but they do get so mountainous. Unfortunately this time of year the alpine flora is done flowering but fall color is in fine form. Still some of the scenery is just great. You just can't see something like this in the upper midwest except maybe the the NW most corner of Lincolnland (joking). Sooner or later, our return to the maize and soybean desert will have to occur, but at this point, even though resorty things are now closing down until the snow begins to fall, our departure will not be rushed. The F1 reports that the home area has cooled off and some rain has provided relief to our late summer drought. Maybe it will be safe to return, but not until all the Whiskey Jack (nickname of gray jays) beer is gone. 


William M. Connolley said...

Keep pushing on upwards. You'll get to the nice bit where its all snow and rock and only teensy plants in the cracks.

The Phytophactor said...

Didn't quite get up to snow; it's receding quite quickly leaving exposed moraines (that's the excuse), but did get up to some alpine tundra, which is always a delight.