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Energy Tree

You'll be completely blown away by a pretty cool design for some urban green energy, a wind turbine tree 
by New Wind. Let's face it, those great big old wind turbines dotting our local landscape are not really very attractive, and generally they are impractical for home and urban use. What you want around your house or along campus or park walkways or in parking lots where you want some attractive trees. So this wind turbine takes the form of a tree, sort of. It might have looked a bit more tree-like if the leafy turbines hung down from branches rather than sitting their perched upon the branches. But on the whole it isn't bad looking, sort of like a kinetic sculpture (there's a video at both links). The F1 already has a wind turbine on her campus, a big one, so we'll see if she can figure out how to get once of these wind turbine trees. Wonder how they'll keep the bird nests out and the Spanish moss off? HT to Treehugger.