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A Flat White! Yes, please!

Flat whites have come to the USA and that is such good news. TPP has spent a lot of time down under and has learned that one of the best coffees is a flat white. TPP would explain the difference between a flat white and a latte if he knew; he just likes one better than the other. The downside is that flat whites are only found, so far, in that dastardly coffeeshop chain from Seattle, establishments that are only frequented when no alternatives can be found. Any place that doesn't know what to call a large, medium, or small coffees is just being pretentious, not a great crime. And TPP will admit that they treated one of his students well who worked pushing coffee to make ends meet, so maybe not all bad. It will be interesting to see how long it takes TPP's local coffee shoppe to figure out how to make a flat white. They like to think they are cutting edge, but this is the midwest, so, you know, new trends are old hat by the time they get here. Sort of by coincidence, one of the Phactors' favorite wines of yore was Tyrrell's Long Flat Red. Flat red, flat white, what next one wonders?

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