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Outstanding trees! Outstanding photography!

Here's a teaser photoessay of some amazing trees, mostly massive old things, truly great trees, "behemoths of biomass and beauty" (the quoted phrase is not TPP's, but he doesn't remember where he saw it). The photographer is Beth Moon and the coffee table book must be amazing.  TPP is tempted even though he swore off coffee table books a few years back. TPP has attempted to photograph a number of pretty amazing trees over the years and it isn't easy especially in the tropics where you can't get a place where you can see the whole things. This was just an ordinary canopy tree on a forest edge. On Cape Cod there's a huge weeping European beech, and the branches touch ground out 20-30 feet from the main trunk where they have rooted and sent upward trunks that are now themselves quite massive. The tree creates a room and it totally impressive, but there's no way at all to photograph it. Ms. Moon is in a league of her own. See how many of the trees you can identify. TPP has no idea about a couple of them; dang it, what a trick to get you to buy the book. HT to old friend Judy for calling this to my attention.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for posting this. (Although the feelings of cupidity - I MUST have this book - will stay with me for days.) And the challenge of seeing so many new-to-me trees . . . I did see some of my old pals though like the cheerful boojums.