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Flu-like substance

TPP has a flu-like substance, some sort of horrible head-cold nasal crud, or as the lads may say, he's feeling crook because he's got a wog. No amount of wonder drugs will improve how he's feeling, and the worst part is not feeling like doing much of anything, so you blog. Fortunately as far as is known flu-like substances are not transmitted via blogs unless you share bodily fluids, so you don't have much to worry about, but just to be safe you should wash your hands and take an anticeptic wipe to your tablet, laptop, or PC. The basic wisdom is to drink plenty of liquids but then they explain that the liquids TPP would most like to drink don't mix well with lots of cold remedies and pain killers. There may be something to be said for alternative therapies after all, they don't work either, but at least they aren't antagonistic to alcohol. Call the local shaman and tell him there's some sort of evil spirit playing havoc with TPP's sinuses. Things could be worse. You could feel so badly that you resort to day-time TV while wrapped in a blanket on the couch. This will only make one of the kitty-girls happy to have someone to snuggle with all day long, except for the bloody coughing that would disturb us both. Watering, itchy, red eyes are even making this difficult. Out of somewhere comes the comforting thought that what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger, but how strong do you want to be? My advice is simple, don't catch this stuff.

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