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Don't worry! Be happy!

Here you go, folks!  A handy infographic from the BBC that rates the probability of some apocalyse wiping out humans or life on Earth. Wonder if this comes in a wall poster size. Now the BBC can get away with this because in England this kind of sarcastic humor is still recognized as such, but here in the not-too-bright 'Merca, this would have cable newscasters going crazy having interpreted this as a govment report that will send survivalist digging deeper and stocking more food than ever. And this comes the day after the blizzacocalysemageddon (sp?) failed to materialize in its most dire form. The crazy non-informative just-make-sounds over-blown all-the-time "news" cycle just makes the worried people more worried (maybe they should sing a worried song). Instead the solution is to click the mute button, or better yet the "off" button, get yourself a whiskey, and read your favorite skeptical blog. HT to Mano Singham's blog.

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