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Garden gnome drone

TPP thinks he's on to something. First, let's assume you have a ceramic garden gnome because you cannot find anything more interesting to put in your garden like a chair. Second, never under estimate how lazy people can be. So the innovative thought here is to make a ceramic garden gnome drone.  The gnome functions as camouflage for the drone. There you are on the patio with a nice cold cocktail, and you want to know how much it rained last night. Fly your drone gnome to the rain gauge to check without ever getting up from your chair. Does the neighbor's clematis look better than yours this year?  Send the drone to check. Oh, even better, equip your gnome drone with a laser, or maybe just a pellet gun, and go hunting bunnies!  OK, there's real sales potential here. Actually maybe the gnome itself can be the weapon. Imagine sending a ceramic planet-busting gnome crashing down upon a bunny, thus taking care of two issues at once, a bunny and a ceramic gnome in a collision of mutual annihilation, like matter and antimatter, presuming the gnome is made of antimatter!  There probably is some kind of ordinance prohibiting antimatter gnome drones. If only there was an ordinance prohibiting ceramic garden gnomes.


Eric said...

That must have been some cocktail party. Back at 8 to post. Was your hosts' garden littered with gnomes? I detect some inspired disgruntlement, the best kind. I like the mutual annihilation idea. The bunny brigade has been very active here this spring.

chloris said...

I like this idea. I think it could catch on. The only gnomes I've seen for sale here are fishing or they have their hands tucked in the Bavarian style trousers and appear to be fiddling with themselves. Good idea to give them something useful to do. I'm not sure that they should be killing bunnies and terrorising the neighbours though.