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Let's see what unfolds!

Usually we await the opening of flower buds to see how the flower looks, but sometimes, the flower bud itself is pretty attractive. This flower bud is from a plant growing, on its own, just outside an access door to our greenhouse in a gravel bed used to fill in space between some building
electrical equipment and the foundation of the greenhouse, not the most hospitable of places, so yes, the plant is a tad weedy, but no so much so that it isn't used as an ornamental. This particular aestivation (term for how floral parts are arranged in the bud) is called convolute, sort of a pin wheel type overlapping. The bud opens in the early evening and then the flower wilts the next morning.  The flower is white, with some pinkish highlights, trumpet shaped and at least 20 cm long, quite lovely and quite fragrant. This is probably Datura inoxia (nightshade family) (downy leaves, spiny fruit), which is a way more handsome plant than the better known jimson weed. 

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