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Ubergeek to dork in a blink

TPP entered his local coffee emporium this morning having ridden his BikeE from home and thus was in need of caffeinated fuel for the rest of the morning. Your position on this bike, while very comfortable, does not allow you to turn around, so you need a rear-view mirror. TPP wears a small rear-view mirror that mounts onto the frame of his glasses (left side). Many people are unfamiliar with such a device, and while waiting for his coffee, another patron, a stylish lady, walked up, looked at my mirror and said, "Wow, someone with Google glasses, right here!"  TPP: Sorry to disappoint, but it's just a rear-view mirror for riding a bike.  Her admiration for my happenin' techiness faded in an instant. What would she think if she knew TPP doesn't even own a cell phone?

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