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Algal architecture

Here is a new concept: algal culturing architecture, real green architecture.  Could your abode grow both your energy and your food (Soylent green?  Chlorophytobits?  Algal patties?).  TPP has his own algal culture chamber, our lily-lotus pond (the banner picture shows one end).  And the better the algae grows the faster the greenish-brown, bio-slime accumulates on the filter pads and they need cleaning.  Although curious, TPP has never put the bio-slime under a microscope, but experience with fish tank filters and their microbial communities suggests it will be a microcosm of wee beasties where unicellular algae are the community's producers, although leaves falling into the pond are probably a significant source of energy. The actual problem is that our pond is too productive (and gets too many leaves), meaning more bio-slime, and more frequent filter cleaning.  Clearly some system integration is needed, and if only so that the filters don't need cleaning so often. TPP is happy to give away the "food". 

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