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Remembering my high school English teacher

A visit back to upstate New York triggered some nostalgia, and quite by chance TPP stumbled upon one old memory, our high school English teacher.  Wow, was that a long time ago!  This happened because the Phactors had stopped by a bar and grill, a so-called clam shack, that we used to visit every now and again.  The décor hadn't changed much if at all in a long time, and there was a picture of a woman that was an advertisement for Genessee Beer. You probably wouldn't know this unless you were from Rochester, New York, a city bisected by the Genessee River, which further south where it meets the Niagara escarpment forms the "grand canyon" of the east.  At any rate, my high school English teacher was the dark-haired, long-legged model upon which the bar maid "Jenny", the local nickname for the beer, was based. She was quite proud of that as it turned out, and she had already proved to be an excellent teacher by the time her students figured out she had been a model before becoming a teacher. 

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