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New top predator! Reaction mixed!

On several occasions TPP has sought the assistance of top predators, some natural help to control the bunny and squirrel populations, welcoming them to our wildlife friendly estate.  Yesterday and today a new top predator appeared, a great blue heron. This was very exciting because it's the biggest bird ever to visit our property and its a new species for Mrs. Phactor's bird list, and it is a top predator.  But of course it preys upon the wrong wildlife. Fortunately our pond doesn't make the best heron fishing ground because it's too deep, and the neighbors' smaller, shallower pond with many more small gold fish was more attractive, but until a complete fish census has been completed, feelings are mixed about our new visiting top predator. Supposedly a pair of red-tailed hawks have been seen building a nest high atop the lighting towers of a neighboring institution of higher education only 3 blocks away.  Now we talking top predator!


Anonymous said...

A couple of hawks ought to help out some (unfortunately, here my first notice of a visit from one of the local hawks is a sudden silence - and possible one small shower of fine body feathers.) You're one up on me though, a GBH in the yard? Wow.

The Phytophactor said...

Ah, yes, Cooper's hawks are regular visitors so our platform bird feeders all have protective covers to even the playing field a bit.