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Starry, starry night

Who doesn't know about Vincent's painting?  TPP took one look at this image, and von Gogh's painting came immediately to mind.  And it turns out this image was by a Vincent too, Vincent Brady.  But what is it other than pretty amazing?  Fireflies in time lapse. Wow! It's just too cool for words.  Check the link for many more equally mesmerizing images. And remember it's all about sex, finding and choosing mates, and the gaudier the better, an insect's summer cabaret. Enjoy. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! That's a firefly show like nothing I ever saw in NYState or Maine. Maybe you - or one of your readers - know of a song cycle of the ?1600s? where the question was asked, "what do the stars eat if they be animals?". How can I not think of that when watching fireflies?