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Primary season blues

Nothing can be more depressing than election season here in Lincolnland. The state presently has a governor who ascended to office when the feds locked up his predecessor in a special prison kept just for disgraced politicians. This fellow is not a crook, not ethically challenged, but not particularly effective either. Yawn. The opposition sees the governorship as a vulnerable position, so lots of wannabees have emerged and in another week we citizens get to choose among them for a worthy candidate.  It's a grim choice.  The front runner is a self-proclaimed 1%er of the 1% (i.e., a 0.1 percenter). In simple terms a filthy rich businessman who has already spent 5 or 6 million of his own money on his campaign. In and of itself that doesn't bother TPP, but where is it written that guys who've made a lot of money would be any good at running a state?  A state isn't a business and isn't run like one either. This guy is full of rhetoric and clueless otherwise.  So he comes across as arrogant do-it-my-way-or-else type of tyrant who think of themselves as "leaders".  Another local candidate also touts his business experience ignoring the fact that his business as skated along the thresh hold of bankruptcy and questionable decisions with regard to what a conflict of interest is in politics. OK, if something you are voting on stands to enrich you Mother, whose investment is being managed by yourself, sort of as a shill because you couldn't get the loan otherwise, it's a conflict of interest to vote on it.  Then there's the treasurer who shows all the signs of having reached the pinnacle of the peter principle, and now is over reaching for higher office as rumors and a law suit emerge suggesting a questionable relationship with a principle assistant that generally would be found unacceptable to conservative voters. It does little to inspire. Nonetheless, the Phactors shall try to vote for the least objectionable, least harmful of the bunch if indeed that can be determined. Anyone want to trade? 

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