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Milkweed pollen?

Here's a pretty interesting science news article about a study by an Argentine colleague of mine, Dr. Andrea Cocucci (Hi!), and it's about pollen completion of sorts, but look what someone used to illustrate "milkweed pollen".  It's milkweed all right, but pollen?  It is pretty hard to believe that anybody could fail to recognize a milkweed seed with its characteristic "fluff"?  At an art gallery the other night an artist of our acquaintance used milkweed fluff in a sculptural piece, and he knew what is was. TPP is very glad to see an article about such an interesting study, but how can you make such an embarrassing mistake?  Always check with your friendly, neighborhood botanist to be sure, folks.
This milkweed pollen may seem gentle, but some of its relatives have developed horns to fight each other.

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