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Giving ourselves a treat after a hard week

It was a too busy week for the Phactors, but let's not dwell on that. The Phactors treated themselves to a nice dinner out at a quite wonderful new twist on dining out. A couple of young (comparatively speaking that's most of the population from our perspective) chefs with a locovore, field to table philosophy, have taken a slightly different perspective on casual semi-top end dining that doesn't put a big dent in your wallet. The menu is rather eclectic. Our meal consisted of a dynamite pork ramen soup with a fresh egg and seaweed (and a big thanks to the chef for selecting it for us), a smoked salmon sushi, a rustic mushroom, ricotta, and fresh mustard greens pizza (it takes about 90 sec for the pizza to cook in their 500 C oven), some Korean style (sweet hot sesame) Buffalo wings, and a pickled vegetable, rice, fried roll appetizer. Wow!  It was great. And very entertaining too with ring-side seats by the pizza making station. Man, those guys were cranking out a lot pizzas. Very importantly, while there are a couple of flat-screen TVs by the bar, sports programs were not being shown, but some funky Korean kung-fu farce without sound or sub-titles. The Phactors may have a new favorite restaurant.

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