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Boldly brewing what no one has ever brewed before

OK, Klingon beer is mighty geeky even for a Star-Trek fan from days of yore.  But Klingon beer? If memory serves TPP rightly, Romulan ale was way more famous, but probably too hard to get the shipments across the neutral zone without shelf-life problems. TPP's Klingon is a bit rusty, but shouldn't beer be spelled "wornagh" or is that just phonetic? You know these little things do matter. So what do you think it tastes like? Supposedly brewed from rye, which is ridiculous because everyone knows the grain should have beenTriticale (quadro- or quinto-? Never can remember, one from TV, one from the animated version), and with banana-clove highlights. Sounds a bit frou-frou for a Klingon don't you think?

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