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Plan ahead - invest in coastal property

Here's an idea for you long-term investors.  Get a contour map and figure out where coastlines are going to be once the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic have melted.  Buy cheapo property now, far inland, and then sell it off for beach front condos and resorts once the water gets there.  What could be simpler?  Heck, even global warming denial dummies like the Trumped-up may decide to invest like this.  He does believe in making money. The map shown portrays the estimated coast line of North America should the ice sheets totally melt.  A long time ago in the Carboniferous a great bay occupied a similar location in what is the Mississippi River drainage.  Coal swamp forests of clubmosses, horsetails, and ferns grew around its margins.  This is really exciting! Lincolnland will have some welcome access to fresh seafood!  If you own land in Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, or Florida, sell now. 


Bend said...

Fresh seafood in Lincoln Land?! But with the acidification of the oceans, all the seafood you get will be cerviche.

The Phytophactor said...

Wow! How to kill my enthusiasm for global warming!