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Death by crazy and willful ignorance

There's crazy, and then there's stupid crazy, and the latter can result in your death.  Now you can be crazy and put a gun to your head, or you can be like this lady and kill yourself ever so slowly.  A crazy lady named Navenna Shine, or Moonbean Butterfly, or Feelgood Featherweight, or something similar has this idea that she can live on just water, light, and air.  Wow!  Nuclear grade stupidity on display right there!  Guess what city she's from?  If you don't get Seattle in three guesses then you don't know much about where goofy new age thinking is concentrated.  Read a basic biology book, lady, concentrate on the differences between autotrophs and heterotrophs, producers and consumers.  Lady, autotrophy requires some metabolic machinery you ain't got, not to mention the pigmentation.  So here's the results of your "experiment" accurately predicted: you'll starve to death; you aren't living on air, water, and light, you're just dying very slowly.  With enough will power and stubbornness you will die, and probably get a listing in the Darwin awards except you look to be beyond your reproductive prime so you may have passed the genes for your particular intellectual gifts on to offspring already.  OK this "news" was in the HuffPo, but the news article fails to deliver this message as if there were some small chance she might just pull it off.  In all probabilty the communications major that wrote the article didn't understand that part of Bio 101. Why is this much crazy stupidity news at all?  Is it mildly amusing that this lady has decided to ignore everything known about biology and thus endangers herself?  Sometime a very long time ago, a cyanobacterium destined to become food for what was probably a amoeboid organism survived, entered into a symbiotic relationship with its consumer converting a heterotroph into an autotroph.  Humans last had a common ancestry with this lineage a couple to 3 billion years ago.  Here's the only truth there is.  Us heterotrophs need premade organic molecules for raw materials and energy, and their only source is from other organisms.  Get real, lady, or get help.  You crazy! 

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