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Helping the NSA keep us safe

So the NSA is spying on us to keep us safe and sound from terrorism while trampling on our constitutional rights, even though that is what the terrorists so despise, our freedoms.  Did it ever occur to anyone who knew the secret, which was so secret they could not even tell you it was secret, that they’re aiding and abetting a terrorists’ goal?  Now the primary problem with spooks is that they get so wound up in their spookiness that they quickly lose touch with reality.  To even be in this business requires a level of paranoia well beyond everyone but the loony fringe, and now they’re so far gone, their paranoia and conspiratorial thinking fueled by the NSA’s spookiness, that they’ll never believe Elvis is actually dead and not just feeling a little under the weather.  The general lack of outrage among the USA public sort of shows you how you begin the slide into a totalitarian government by cowing the general public (the “proles”) with surveillance. “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about” is such a stupid platitude, oh, but it came from Senator Lindsey Graham, because it implies that if TPP opposes this intrusion he has something to hide, and most assuredly he has much less to hide than most senators.   And the “our spying is keeping you safe, and it’s already stopped 50, 500, 5000, or so terrible things from happening, and nothing, nothing makes TPP madder than how scaredy-cat people have to be to fall for this, and you almost, almost think they deserve it.  So it serves the spooks to keep the people’s alarm rising, to keep people worried, to keep them in the dark, so the secrecy is quite necessary.   Now here is the problem;  the Spooks never know when to stop, so it won’t be long before someone decides “we got the data, so we may as well use it”, until everyone gets GPS ear tags like the cattle they’ve become.  Will this blog now land me in some NSA file labeled “questionable”?  Probably.  TPP’s blood is already in the CDC (brought home a tropical disease) and both Naval Intelligence and the FBI have a file on me somewhere labeled “long-haired lefty” (it was long back then).  Maybe TPP should just make it easy for the NSA and get a cell phone and a gps unit.   The Pres says “trust us”, but how can you when they have been keeping secrets from us while they whittle away at constitutional rights using secret courts.  So don’t be surprised when some crooks or drug dealers get arrested using this NSA data and they say, “see what we can do!”  But now the secret is out, but like an onion there are layers upon layers of deception, and you wonder what anyone really knows.   Clearly all of this costs more than a little bit of money, and would it not be nice if we knew what we were getting in return in addition to reassurances  from some of the less bright senators.  What if we all just started inserting red button words in every email and every cell phone call?  Would it be like everyone flushing their toilet at the same time?   Would this over whelm their inbox? 

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