Field of Science


In the category of outrageous "news" stories about plants, can TPP play?  Just a couple of days after seeing the blooming of a spiny pineapple touted as a "sheep-eating" plant, another image comes to the fore that shows something even more stunning.  After all, there were no pictures of dead sheep hung up on these spiny pineapples, but this image is quite clear.  This alga can and will consume humans!  This poor kid is just about toast as he is dragged under by a bloom of green algae (probably Cladophora).  What happens next is just too gruesome to relate.  Algal blooms happen almost every summer and you would think people would learn to be more careful.  This can happen at your swiming hole too, so let's watch that nitrogen pollution people.  Don't feed those killer algae, or they will feed on you! 

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