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Garden spruce up & rain paradox

Our garden/yard spruce up is going well and things are looking pretty nice.  A new patio area and a flagstone pathway were finished up on Monday and look very nice.  Mrs. Phactor's perennial flower garden looks pretty good thanks to lilies, penstemons, and delphiniums along with a few other plants, but since over 225 different plants have already flowered in our gardens this year, flowering diversity by the official beginning of summer is on the downhill slide.  Unfortunately, while it's been good weather for doing garden maintenance, some rain would be nice.  That's the paradox, you need both the good weather and the rain, but you can't have both, and you don't get to choose.  Of course, some of our new plantings don't need so much watering. With a yard full of blue violets, who would have guessed that bun-buns liked a nice foliage leaf violet?  Duh!  They looked wonderful for a whole afternoon.  So a bit of watering will be added to the day's to-do list.  Lastly TPP is feeling pretty good.  About 25 cubic yards of mulch was spread and his back did not move an once of it.  What a relief! That much mulch is not an annual or even biennial event, but an area of garden under development needed mulching so what's a few more yards?  Oh, a thinner wallet, but a healtheir back.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Sounds like you've been very busy. Just north of you, we're supposed to get some rain on the that in your forecast, too? I've been watering here and there, also, but so far it hasn't been too dry. But I hear that heat is on the way, too.