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Chili pepper eating contest - in India!

Chili peppers, which have no relationship to black pepper (Piper nigrum), are of a neotropical origin, but like all domesticated plants as they move around with people they get changed because different genotypes end up in different places and people select for different traits.  Many Indians do not know or believe that chili peppers are a relatively recent addition to their culture and cuisine.  In fact India now has a legitimate claim for having one of the hottest of chili peppers, the ghost chili, and here's a story about it in a chili-eating contest in India.  TPP likes spicy food, but these are chilis are just ridiculous!  As an aside, at the other end of the spectrum, the fried (mild!) chili peppers at Gram and Dun, a gastropub in KC, are just grand!

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