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Saturday morning quest

It comes as no surprise that two busy, working professionals end up running errands on Saturday mornings.  When else do you do it?  This particular Saturday finds Mrs. Phactor at a workshop, which always sound like dismal affairs to be avoided whenever possible.  TPP's experience with workshops has ranged from a general waste of time on the good end of the scale to send the facilitator home in a box.  So better she than me, which leaves the me with the list.  Let's see, 1. return universal replacement plumbing part because it did not fit.  Hmm, something here about universal seems to be a problem, and we're not even talking about a sink somewhere else in the galaxy, just one here on Earth.  2.  Buy star anise.  3.  Buy large bottle of good soysauce.  It's a safe bet these last two items are related and have something to do with the ducks thawing in the fridge.  A check on the calendar, and yes, our dinner club meets tonight, and a duck dish is on the menu.  Wonder what we're to make?  Check the supply of ginger rhizome while questing for Asian condiments.  This particular Asian supermarket also is the local emporium for Indian food as well, and you can buy dosa batter and sambar frozen!  Has TPP ever mentioned dosa?  Dosa are lightly fermented white lentil and rice crepes that are wonderful especially when stuffed with spicy potatoes (masala dosa) and dunked in a flavorful tart, lentil-tomato curry called sambhar.  This is southern Indian food, and just the best stuff for diversifying your vegetarian and/or international diet.  Time for a shopping run to southern Asia.


Unknown said...

I've never been able to make a decent dosa from one of those mixes they sell in the Indian stores. The pan on which a dosa is made is as much a part of it as the recipe and the skill of the cook.

When I need my fix, I head to India Cafe in a little strip mall in Bloomington.

The Phytophactor said...

Yes, the mixes don't seem to work, but the pre-made batter makes a decent, although somewhat smaller crepe on a heavy cast iron griddle. But they are not anywhere near as good as the ones in the restaurant of which you mention.