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Wintery mix

What could be more delightful?  Nothing improves upon the dreadful mid continental weather more than wintery mix, that combination of precipitation that occurs when the temperature is hovering right at freezing and things could go one way or the other.  In the search for alternative terms, ones that can be printed here on a family blog, TPP did not find any obvious winners.  Slushify.  Slushify does sort of have a nice sounding feel to it, a bit of cold onomatopoeia (did that get enough vowels in it?).  A colleague, obviously one with a young child, suggested ooblek, as if TPP wouldn't know the stuff outside was the wrong color and has a different melting point.  Crud was suggested at the coffee shoppe, but that more describes the person's mood and feelings about our late winter weather.  With spring break looming a student suggested that wintery mix sounded better if you thought of it as a frozen alcoholic concoction to be consumed at some beach bar.  Actually TPP rather likes this suggestion.  A round of Wintery Mix for the crowd!  You can hear the blender whirring right now!  Hmm, now all we need is an appropriate cocktail recipe.  Is it time for a cocktail contest?  Yes, we're taking suggestions for a new cocktail called Wintery Mix!  And no, your suggestions for a drink named Ooblek must be saved for another time when everyone is really, really desperately thirsty.  The winning cocktail recipe will be celebrated on these pages thus receiving world-wide acclaim.

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Unknown said...

We had a bit of wintery mix here in Phoenix last week. A little hail, a little slush, a bank of white gushy stuff on the windshield of the car...

Crazy weather.