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Happy Birthday, Charles, Abe, and my baby Sister

Here in Lincolnland, Abe's birthday is a pretty big deal.  Of course for us biologists, Charles Darwin's birthday is a big deal too in that this day is used to remember his contributions and encourage our students to be a bit more scholarly.  And it's also my kid sister's birthday, but we won't mention her age mostly because no matter what TPP is much older.  Unfortunately Tuesdays are a very busy day; the moss lab just doesn't set up or teach itself.  So for lack of time here's a link to Darwin, Darwinism, Darwinist, and Darwinian, all of which does seem a bit over used, but if ever you make a contribution as large as his, hopefully you'll be remembered for as well as Charles has.  Here's something you may not have seen, a complete list of Darwin's publications.  Copies of those in bold sit on TPP's bookshelves.

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