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Visit New Orleans while you can

The botanical meetings will be in New Orleans this summer.  Perhaps this will be timely because if global warming keeps melting Arctic sea ice, and the ice caps on Greenland and Antarctica a lot of this city will disappear under water.  Depending upon the severity of the melting, it sounds like a 1 meter rise in sea level is almost certain, and the rise could be as much as 7-8 meters.   Even a 1 meter rise will inundate most of New Orleans, and parts of most of our coastal cities.   At 7 meters, say good bye to New Orleans and Miami, and goodly portions of other cities like Venice, and probably some low lying countries as well.  Will the shrewd moneyed global warming deniers nonetheless study those maps and locate the new coastal lands and invest?  Probably will never find out.  Glad my neighborhood is called Highland. 

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