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Official first day of spring

It's only Feb. 13th, but spring has officially arrived for the Phactors' gardens.  The calendar means nothing in this reckoning; the first flower has opened.  And the winner is ....wait for it....witchhazel!  The snowdrops only got beat out by a day by the looks of things, while the 3d contender, winter aconite, is lagging behind.  This moves up the date of earliest flowering by quite a few days, 10-12, but haven't checked the data files yet.  This particular shrub is not going to have a large floral display.  It suffered quite a bit of stress last summer and this may have limited the number of flower buds.  So to celebrate TPP walked to campus. 


Beth at PlantPostings said...

Huh, you're way ahead of me this year. We still have several inches of snow and ice covering everything. I guess the precipitation is good, and should help all the plants come spring, but I'm tired of looking at snow. Nice to hear you have things blooming, though.

SLW said...

Thank you for submitting this post to our February Berry-Go-round carnival! It is now up at Foothills Fancies. Happy reading!