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GPS for bicycles

A very nifty GPS device for use on bicycles is on the market.  Wow!  You'll know exactly where you are on the surface of the Earth while on your bicycle.  How often has TPP wondered what state he was in while riding?  OK, you more or less know where you are on a bicycle, but you can still be looking for some particular address or location, or you can get lost on rural roads, and like other GPS devices this one signels which way to turn without having to look down at the device, something that can get you bonked faster on a bicycle than it can while driving a car.  And then there's a mini-BBQ grill for a bicycle too. That's how to trip out your ride.  And today a fellow was riding by with a container on the back in which road his dog. Now to get the dog to do some pedalling. 


Anonymous said...

The dog rode in the container while the bicycle was pedaled down the road.

The Phytophactor said...

Yes, what you said. That's a funny mistake to make!