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Quick! Throw in the ring!

Why do you go to a volcano? To see lava of course. It's fascinating but you don't want to get too close for safety's sake (Watched the movie Volcano last week; not a good idea.). TPP's travel camera has better resolution and a better zoom than the iPhone, which is supposed to be a phone first and foremost, unless TPP really doesn't get it. Anything with more zoom would need a tripod to hold steady, and then the porters for the gear, and once you start down that slippery slope there's no coming back. Fortunately late yesterday afternoon, Kilauea was being a bit active. So here you go, lava. Because of this most of the rim road and trails into the caldera are closed.

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Larissa said...

I'm disappointed in myself - it took me seeing this a second time to get the LOTR reference. And I call myself a fan?! For shame!