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Pseudoscience invades the pet store

This is probably old news, but new for TPP. Had to restock the pantry for the kitty-girls, and while in the cat section of the local pet store, TPP chanced to look at the physical care section to see if there was a topical remedy for dry skin, a common complaint for cats that sit on heat vents. Much to TPP's surprise almost every category of remedy had a prominent display of one or more homeopathic remedies. Helpful clerk appears, and asks if there is anything in particular you need? These are homeophathic, TPP comments. Yes, says helpful clerk, they are all natural. Very true, says TPP, water is very natural. They don't work except for the placebo effect, and not sure that will work given cat psychology. What?, says helpful clerk.  Look up homeopathy, it's pseudoscience; these are quack remedies, based on extreme dilutions and the "memory" of water. Helpful clerk says, people like them because they are pretty economical. True again, water doesn't cost much, so the profit margin is still pretty good. Do you think an ethical pet store should sell remedies that don't work except in the imagination of pet owners?  Sorry I couldn't help you, says helpful clerk. 
You plant a seed, maybe it germinates.

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