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A New Year and not much to say

TPP isn't big on predictions or resolutions, so not sure what to blog about when many people are doing these subjects.  Several projects are on the to do list.  A new garden path across the front to help the mail get through.  A concerted effort to clear out crappy saplings, establish a path, and initial plantings for our woodland garden.  Writing some essays for a new botany book. Doing some antique stucco house repair and fix the front step/stoop problem using the $$$ approach and adjusting the adjacent landscaping that had out grown its place anyways.  All these things will come to pass.  Oh, that job list sort of sounds like predictions.  It actually sounds like Mrs. Phactor will be on the job and keeping things moving along. 
Our calendar is such an arbitrary thing that placing any particular significance upon a day or date just seems quite silly. It mostly serves to let us keep track of how old we are relative to other people and things.  Our "young" cat is now a quite mature 6 yrs old, although she still acts silly and kittenish at times to our delight.
OK, here is a blogging resolution.  TPP will try to do better and present or explain more recent botanical research.  A effort to communicate science to more people.
TPP is looking to purchase a plum yew, the sprawling, spreading form.  Anyone seen a good nursery source that does online sales?  Also looking for a decent sized 4'-6' winter hardy variety of southern magnolia. Town planted one on a neighboring street just to tease TPP, and its doing quite well considering, so must have one for the collection.  

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