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Plant ID challenge

Here's a different sort of plant ID challenge for you. It's one that TPP has to deal with every now and then.  Some specimens re-surfaced that needed to be remounted on acid free paper (typical archival herbarium materials).  Now the specimens in question actually have been identified and TPP is fairly confident that all of these specimens are in the carrot/parsley family (old Umbelliferae, modern Apiaceae).  The trick here is to just figure out what species you have and to help you all out, the species name has been written down.  You only have to read it! The name may no longer be a valid species name because a lot of taxonomic water has gone under the bridge since this specimen was collected back in 1853.  Are you beginning to catch on. The names aren't so easy to read. And today's students can't even read or write cursive handwriting at all, so I'm counting on someone out there lending a hand because TPP hasn't gotten it yet.  There are only a couple three of these, so TPP will begin with one and see how it goes.  

 Yes, this specimen is something montanum L.  But what's the genus?  Any Parisiennes out there who know their botany?   


nycguy said...

Seseli montanum L.

Roger Latour said...

Same here...Seseli montanum in Apiaceae.

The Phytophactor said...

Now why couldn't I get that one? No matter, many thanks for the assist.